Teaser from Tracking the Hunted! Book 2!

(This is unedited to please ignore the mistakes! LOL)

Tracker released the growl he’d been holding back, he did not like putting his Anare in such a position but he knew he would be nothing more than a hindrance. Unfortunately, the shot of medication he had given himself to dull the pain had only had a minute amount of nanobots contained within and it sadly wasn’t enough to fully heal him.

Skillfully Tracker flipped the blade, dropping the handle first into the palm of Rex’s hand before gritting out, “Fine, but if you do something to get yourself hurt, I will bend you over my knee like a youngling!”

A short bark of laughter was Rex’s only answer as he slowly crawled out from behind the board on hands and knees. Rex’s ass was a tempting target as he crawled rapidly to the tree-line in front of them, almost begging for a hand print. Tracker was sure the man put that extra wiggle in there just to tease him.

Tracker’s heart was in his throat as he watched the two beings he cared for most in the universe face an enemy he couldn’t help bring down.

Aruk could be seen just inside the trees as he jumped from side to side, harrying the tall shadow and driving it slowly out into the open.

Rex was slowly creeping up to where the two were engaged together. Now on his feet, he walked stooped over and darted from one tree to another.

Tracker couldn’t stay lying down; he just couldn’t sit there and do nothing. Scrambling around, and he was sure it would have been a sight that would make Chase fall over in laughter, he began scooting around on his rear and gathering the tossed rope.

Each piece was picked up and dropped carefully over his thighs before he lifted himself with his palms flat to the ground and slide to the side to gather more.

The flight suit was already ruined, so sliding around on the burnt forest and dirt path made from his crashing wouldn’t hurt any. Even if it did leave his ego bruised slightly, at least no one was paying attention to him.

Quickly he began tying the rope in certain spots until he had the start of a body harness. Once the others had contained and neutralized the threat, they’d be able to rope the female – there was no sense in pretending he hadn’t heard enough to know it was a woman – safely and without harming her.

Then maybe he could concentrate on the other pressing matters at hand. Like finding out why his craft had crashed; and how to woo his Anare – after he worked through some of the things from Rex’s past and helped him heal those deep set wounds.

A peek over the edge of the hover-board showed that Aruk and Rex were working as a team. So well in fact, that Tracker was startled to see Aruk driving the woman closer to where Rex hid behind a large tree.

It seemed some hand signals were indeed universal. Tracker watched as Rex lowered his left hand while holding two fingers out, he then circled them in the air to the side of the tree.

Apparently Aruk understood what Rex wanted, as the Chimba soon had the woman skillfully moved to the same side of the massive tree that Rex had pointed to, just opposite of where he was currently hiding.

A cloaked figure stepped out of the trees, covered head to toe in a camouflaged body suit that mimicked most of the surroundings but left a slightly blurry outline. Tracker knew instantly it was someone from the Constellation, as they were the only ones to possess such advanced technology.

Tracker choked back a scream as the woman raised a hand, leveling a blaster – strangely it wasn’t as camouflaged as the rest of her – at Aruk as they faced off against each other.

A blur of motion, one Tracker would have missed had he not be paying such close attention, caused the laser blaster to go flying out of the woman’s hand. Rex had kicked her wrist, not knowing exactly where it was he had just sent a wild motion that thankfully connected.

Without waiting for a command, Aruk took the opportunity to launch at the strangely outlined shadow and knock it to the ground.

They worked beautifully as a team; Rex racing to scoop the weapon from the forest floor a few feet from where Aruk pinned the body to the ground with his teeth locked around the woman’s neck. So much so, that if Tracker didn’t know better he would think they’d spent years training together.

The body below Aruk was tense, even Tracker could see that from this distance. Then again, it would be difficult to breathe with nearly one hundred fifty livack of weight pressing down onto a body.

“How much does he weigh anyway, Tracker? That can’t be easy breathing with that body sitting on your chest. Although…” Tracker nearly laughed as Rex’s comment nearly mirrored his own thoughts. “I’d be surprised if she wasn’t pissing herself with those daggers pressing into her neck.” Tracker admired the way he effortlessly dropped down to crouch beside the woman’s head, Rex’s hands held the laser blaster loosely between his thighs aimed at the ground. “Then again, you were taking pot-shots at us so I can’t feel too bad for you. What’s your name darlin’ and why were you attacking us?”

“He is close to one hundred and fifty Standard Earth Pounds, Anare.” Tracker wasn’t about to give their attacker the leverage of knowing Rex’s name, even if it was just what the competent man called a ‘nick name’. “Here, I have created a harness Anare, once she is detained then we can move to a more secure location and question her.”

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