Busy times…

This is has been such a rough time for me. My Gramma passing in August, and then an uncle in September. We lost our family dog, Pippin, in October. And now, in December we lost my Mom. All of these things accumulated in a rough time for me and my family, especially Mom.

It’s really difficult to post this but I know there are some out there that aren’t aware of what happened. And no, I’m not trying to glean sympathy or make an excuse for book two, just laying it out there so everyone can see it. While I was reeling from each of these emotional hits, I was still trying to work on book two. The day before Mom passed, in fact just a few hours before I got that dreaded call, I had sent the manuscript off to my editor for review.

Yesterday, as I was helping Dad sort through some of her clothing for donations, he begged me to release book 2 for Mom. I wasn’t planning on releasing it for a while yet, at least not until after Christmas. But, because he wanted it and we both knew that Mom would have wanted it, I went ahead and released it last night. Tracking The Hunter: The UGS Constellations Book 2 is live on Amazon and several other sites.






By hafortmanauthor

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