I love reviews. Good or bad. Yes I know, not many like bad reviews but I do. But then I only like the ones that tell me WHY they were given such a low review, after all, it’s how I learn and improve! Don’t get me wrong, I do squeal a little (ok ok ok a LOT) when I get a 5 Star review. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that my books have are being enjoyed, especially as I start out on this wonderful journey!

That being said, here are the most recent reviews. I’m floored that Chasing Constellations is STILL getting great reviews!

5 star reviews on Chasing Constellations as well! WOOHOO!!! Amazon Review!

WOOHOO This one too!!!

It’s so awesome that Tracking the Hunter is getting great reviews! It took me down a path I wasn’t expecting as I wrote it, and I was extremely nervous about it… Here’s the review!

And another review!

Thank you SO much for reading my books and allowing me to bring these to life. “thank you” just doesn’t suffice the gratitude and happiness I feel in being able to take this journey with you all!

By hafortmanauthor

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