Seven days. Just SEVEN DAYS until Romancing the Capital! *Squeals!!* I’m so excited! I not only get to meet several awesome authors, but several fantastic readers! I’m renting an SUV (it was cheaper than we thought!) for the entire week, more as a peace of mind or MrMan (our cars are nice, but they’re older so they have been having issues lately). Plus, unlimited mileage!

It’s also a sad, but proud moment for me. My nephew is leaving the week that I’m gone. He’s made me so proud because he chose to join the Marines! So, Sunday before I leave, we’re going to have brunch with him one last time. Then it’s rush home and do last minute packing. Making sure I have all of the swag and bags sorted next to the door so that nothing gets left behind.

10575402_10152782116988157_8385420720388594105_oswag 4Bookmarks

If you’re going to RTC in Ottawa, look me up! I have special, hand made ribbon bookmarks for you! Each of my little baggies will have a signed Rack card, bookmark, sticker and window cling! I kind of over did it though and made a few HUNDRED extra bookmarks! I’ll also have books with me to sign and sell! Squeee!!!

I think that’s everything? Maybe? Oh! No, it’s not, I’ve started working on book three! And yes.. For everyone asking… *insert drumroll* it stars “The Twins”! I’m taking my computer with me to Ottawa so that during slow times I can work on the book. It’s going to be… different for me, that’s all I’m going to say!

If you’re on my street team, or in my fan group page, you can get sneak peeks!

Also, don’t forget to enter for your chance to win this super stuffed bag!

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