OK, update time!

I’ve been busy at work, plugging along on book 3 between customers; as well as dealing with the Doctor for workman’s comp and physical therapy three times a week! All on different sides of towns. *flops*

In case you didn’t hear, last week I managed to (not so gracefully) fall out of a cargo van and SLAM my full weight on to the heel of my bad ankle. Yeouch! This would be the ankle that my regular Doctor has just sent me to PT to see if we can coax some movement from, before he sends me off to a specialist for possible surgery!

Anyway, I had to pull an 11 hour shift on Tuesday, to drive 2.5 hours one way to pick up a truck that was broken down and repaired, then drive back!

BUT…. book three broke the 26,000 word mark this morning! *chair dances* And I have a cover for it as well!

And I want to introduce you all to my new PA! She’s a wonderful (and creative!!!) woman that has agreed to help me take on the momentous chore of organizing my life! Please welcome Angelique Luzader!!

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