A few new things!

First of all… it’s been a while but I have been busy writing book three, Guarding Gemini. Currently it has 76,000 words and it’s still going strong! Whee!!! I’m pushing to get it done in the next week or two, then off to the editor! It’s been a long road working on this one, but in the mean time, I’ve been blessed enough to be asked to be part of an anthology! More on that in a minute.

The next big news, and I’m not above begging, is that I’ve been nominated for an award! Squeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m up for Favorite Sci-Fi Book of 2015!!! Please go and vote for me! puppy dog eyes Please, please, please!


On to the next big news… The anthology! Romancing the Sweet Side has been released!!!


Nine erotic authors come together to give you a touch of sweet romance, while trying to raise money for a charity close to their heart, One Way Farm. We have Tianna Xander: Anywhere There’s Magic, Elle Boon: A SmokeJumper’s Christmas, HA Fortman: Blind Sided, Trinity Blacio: Cherish Tomorrow Live Today, Cheryl Dragon: Encore, Caitlyn O’Leary: Her Adoring Seal, Dawn Montgomery: Second Chancers Club, Megan Slayer: Sweet In His Arms, and Viola Grace presents, Walking in a Wildfire Wonderland.

Cherish Tomorrow Live Today
Trinity Blacio
Betsy is done with men. She’s ready to relax and enjoy her new freedom. She wasn’t looking to start over.

Gage, alpha of his pack and a man who gets what he wants, knows Betsy is his. Nothing will keep him from claiming her, except for those who wish her dead.

Cheryl Dragon
Back in town to raise money for the group home that saved her life, Jenna isn’t interested in dredging up the past or re-kindling things with her ex, Sam. She and her band achieved modest success and continue to tour, but life on the road is getting old.

High school sweethearts Sam and Jenna met while in the foster system. With friends, they formed a band, but Sam grew addicted to the vices of life on the road. Years later, he’s changed his ways but never got over his first love.

Blind Sided
HA Fortman
Lost in a forest, stumbling her way through a swirling void of white, Chrissy tries to find her way home. She’s running, but she can’t remember who is chasing her or why.

Found by mythical creatures, Chrissy is convinced that she’s merely dreaming. Shifters, fauns and fairies, oh my! Creatures out of mythology surround her, helping her to retrieve her memory, but at what cost?

Fenric is inexorably drawn to Chrissy–her scent, her laugh, and the feather-light touch of her soft skin. His secrets are about to be exposed in order to save Chrissy. Will he jump through the shadows, endangering all he holds dear, or will he hide in the darkness?

Second Chancers Club
Dawn Montgomery
Melanie McHugh had fought for her freedom from an abusive ex-husband who’d run her ranch into the ground. The last thing she needed was to fall in love. And definitely not with the man who’d helped her rebuild the pieces of her life from the ground up.

Jake Taylor was everything she needed: strong, dependable and supportive. He also harbored secrets of his own that could undermine everything they’d rebuilt together. So why was her mind and heart chasing after a fantasy? And will those dark secrets of his tear her apart or give her a second chance at love?

Sweet in His Arms
Megan Slayer
Ryan Dane always knew where his heart was–in racing. He loves the sights, smells and sounds of the race and cars. He’s also sure about his sexuality, but the one man he’s always crushed on hasn’t been interested.
Until now.

Gage Bell considered Ryan the one that got away–except he never pursued Ryan in the first place. He’s done trying to ignore the way Ryan makes him feel, and an incident on the track has given him the right incentive to find the sweetness he’s always known was in Ryan’s arms–if Ryan will give him an inch and let him take the wheel.
Gage is ready to rub the right man.

Walking in a Wildfire Wonderland
Viola Grace
Jinma knew she was destined for service in a temple, but she thought she would be going in a domestic capacity. She trades her thrall collar for that of a servant and waits to see where she will be assigned.

When the gods are doing their choosing, she has an excel-lent seat, but as the god of fire is released, he seeks her out and takes up residence in her body to the shock of the on-lookers.

The fire god’s priests take her into their care and rush her out of the village square before a riot could get underway. The priesthood isn’t happy about her either, but her acolyte smooths the way from the temple to the fire god’s agenda.
Threki-mal wanted a host who could be active, compassionate and who had new ideas and ways of looking at things. He got all that and more with Jinma and only had to give her one of his priests in return.

Her Adoring SEAL
Caitlyn O’Leary
HIDING IN FEAR–Beth Hildago’s life is on the line when corrupt authorities hunt for her after she has been traumatized at the hands of the Mexican drug cartel.
FIERCE PROTECTOR–Jack Preston is a decorated Navy SEAL whose family’s Texas ranch is the perfect place for Beth to hide.

A GENTLE LOVE–Jack realizes that not only does Beth need a place to hide, she also needs a place to heal. Can he protect her from those who want to find her? Can his love and caring be enough to conquer her fears?

A SmokeJumper’s Christmas
Elle Boon
A WOMAN IN DIRE NEED–Cammie does anything to protect her unborn child, while Mother Nature may have other plans, she’ll do everything to keep herself and baby safe.

A MAN WILLING TO RISK HIS LIFE FOR HIS FAMI-LY–Keanu is willing to risk life and limb for his family, even setting the countryside on fire, to rescue his wife and unborn child.

A HARSH SET OF CIRCUMSTANCES–Reality isn’t al-ways what it seems, but a fire elemental and a shifter will make sure this is a perfect SmokeJumper’s Christmas.

Anywhere There’s Magic
Tianna Xander
Ten years of therapy couldn’t convince Kendra that the magical world she discovered hiding in her grandparents’ attic didn’t exist. Returning to that attic to prove it was imperative–especially since her grandparents have disappeared.

Immediately after arriving in the alternate world, she’s yanked off her feet, onto a galloping horse by a member of their rival clan, until the man who declared his undying love ten years before rescues her. Kendra’s heart shatters when she discovers her father’s murder, that her grandmother is near death, and Alaster, the only man she has ever loved, has married another.

Will Kendra accept her destiny and take on the mantle of power that is her birthright, or will she leave her people at the mercy of her family’s cruel enemy, leaving the love of her life and the world of magic behind?


By hafortmanauthor

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