The power of the review…

I read all of my reviews, yes even the bad ones. Some say that I shouldn’t, that it can be detrimental to my confidence as a writer, and I do admit that sometimes it can be hard too swallow the bad reviews. However, they ARE important. Just on Amazon alone, a book with several reviews will be spotlighted… Garnering out more notice by other readers.

From What I’ve been told, the NY Times and USA Today best settlers lists take into account the number of books sold as well as the number of reviews.

I understand that not everyone wants the responsibility of writhing one, that they feel they’re pointless and a chore that they aren’t going to add to themselves. Sometimes, I don’t like leaving them myself, but I because there might be an off chance of the author reading it and it helping them our even making thier day all the better… To more that’s more than enough reason to write one. Hell, even just a simple “it was a good book. I’d recommend out too my friends” is more than adequate.

The worst review I’ve received to date was, “WTF (spelled out of course) did I just read”. I wish the person would have added why they felt that way, but alas, they didn’t. And I’m not the type to pester rearers for an explanation (unless I happen to know them) as I’ve heard too many horror stories of the author being attacked for dating to all questions.

However, I’ve been blessed with far more 4 & 5 star reviews… And yes, I love to share them everywhere. I don’t do it to brag or rub out into everyone’s faces, but more as a way to try and spread the word and thank the reviewer for the review. It’s my way of thanking them, a virtual hug of sorts.

Now, bye best review I’ve received was one that has a rather funny story behind it. You see, once a month my book club, a group of us ladies, meet and discuss anything book related. Someone mentioned an author I’d never heard of, JD Robb. When I asked who it was, and mentioned that a reader had compared me to her.

There was stunned silence followed by demands too see the review. (All of the ladies know that i write, as does another. Kelli Summers). I rushed to pull the review up on my phone (and yes I’ll share it at the end) which soon made the trip front hand too hand as everyone read it.

Sooo… My tension is mounting, concern growing like an avalanche hovering on the precipice of a cataclysmic downfall… No one is taking… No one is filling me in on what the big deal was, and I could tell that out was huge but i had no idea WHY it was.

Finally, the last person read it and handed my phone back. That proverbial pin dropped and snapped my nerves, “Ok… Someone talk to me.”

I’d opened the flood gates as everyone started talking at once. “Don’t you know who she is?” Well, no, I wasn’t familiar with that name, or I wouldn’t have asked.. lol

I was asked if I blog yet, and when I confirmed that I do, I was informed that I needed to share this one. 

Eventually I was able to finally pry out who JD Robb is, and I about fainted! For those that aren’t aware… JD Robb is Nora Roberts’ pen name! I was compared to one of the best selling authors ever and one of my absolute idols!

Now, please excuse me while I go pick myself up off the floor and stare at the walls with a silly little grin on my face.


By hafortmanauthor

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