A maelstrom of activity!

It’s been a hellacious two weeks, good but still exhausting. Driving from Detroit, MI to Nashville, TN, stopping for a night, then driving on to an hour outside of Orlando, FL for a few days and returning via the same route in a little Dodge Dart was trying (they’re really NOT comfortable on long trips! I think my poor butt cheeks are STILL numb! LOL) but it was great to see my dear friends Kristina, and Laura, and my birth dad and step mom. I know my son and nephew loved it. (Especially when we went to Merritt Park and Daytona Beach!)

While the trip was long (9-10 hours driving each section, sometimes longer because of traffic, accidents, and construction) it was still a nice drive (until we came through Ohio on the way home in a snow storm!). Although, I’ll never take another Dodge Dart! It was a great car, phenomenal on gas but not so much on the body! My poor buttocks are STILL numb! LOL

Being able to watch my son and nephew playing in the ocean and spending time with their Grandpa was excellent. Something I’ll never forget is the huge grin on Dad’s face when we arrived finally. Granted, we got there late at night but he was still awake and anxiously waiting for us.

The one down side was missing my husband, he couldn’t go with us since he didn’t have any vacation time. (sad sigh). Hopefully next time he can join us!

I’ve taken this last week off of writing as well, I needed the time to recoup as well as my day job being a PITA. They decided to “upgrade” the program we use to process orders, which means it kept crashing on us! I’ve never enjoyed that annoying spinning wheel, and now I absolutely detest it!

On that note; I’m hoping that I can get back into the swing of things this week. Genesis is flowing smoothly at nearly 30k words so far! I’m hoping to have it finished quickly and sent off to the editor by the middle of next month.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I’m going to enjoy my time with some dear friends, and if you’re in the Westland area, you should swing by the Paperbacks & Things bookstore where we’ll be having our monthly book club meeting! (It’s also where I’ll be joining the illustrious SE Smith and   KS Adkins on the 30th from 1-4 PM for a book signing!

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