Almost Halloween!

I love Halloween, I always have. I’m not able to decorate this year *sniffles* because of having to do so much to the new (used) truck we bought, but that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy myself when the kiddies come around for Trick or Treating!

I’ve also been busy, working on three books. Timeless Sands, which will be a collaboration with Dawn Montgomery and Trinity Blacio. Shutter Bug, the start of a new shifter series. AND Book 4 of the UGS Constellation Series (it doesn’t have a name yet!)

blindsidedIn the mean time, I’ve put up Blind Sided for free! And I’ll keep it as free for as long as I can. I’ll be working on the next book in that series whenever time permits! It’s the same story (with a bit of revisions as I was able to add to it) that was in the Romancing the Sweet Side anthology from last year. And I had fun making the cover for it, but I think I’ll let the pro’s do the rest of the covers! LOL

Lost in a forest, stumbling her way through a swirling void of white, Chrissy tries to find her way home. She’s running, but she can’t remember who is chasing her or why.

Found by mythical creatures, Chrissy is convinced that she’s merely dreaming. Shifters, fauns, and fairies… Oh my! Creatures out of mythology surround her, helping her to retrieve her memory, but at what cost?

Fenric is inexorably drawn to Chrissy; her scent, her laugh, and the feather light touch of her soft skin. His secrets are about to be exposed, in order to save Chrissy. Will he jump through the shadows, endangering all he holds dear, or will he hide in the darkness?

fortmanebookI’ve also added the Novella, Genesis as it’s own book!!! I’m super excited about it, as it tells the very start of the whole escapades, and gives a bit more back history for Mestrock and Chase!

Slow and insidious, evil begins to move undetected. It tempts good men to do unspeakable acts.

Mestrock was a beloved son, a twin, and a cherished brother. Deep within him grew an evil so virulent it sent him screaming down a trail of despair and destruction. He embraces that darkness and allows it to become his Master.

Turock “Chase Ricter” Gav’rin is the light to his brother Mestrock’s darkness. Quickly outshining his twin, he is the pride and joy of his family. Now, he must break the family ties and hunt down his own flesh and blood.

Not long after being assigned as the Commander of the UGS Constellation, Chase is given orders that will forever change his world, his life, and his very beliefs. How will he ever survive the emotional, mental, and physical strife of what is to become his greatest assignment?

By hafortmanauthor

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